to the
Meaford Kinettes
Serving This Community's Greatest Needs
Since 1954 
Kinettes is a group of thirty women who meet every two weeks to enjoy fellowship and plan how best to help this community. Clubs in many other communities all over Canada plan and carry out their motto of "Serving the Community's Greatest Needs". By joining together, these Canadians have helped Canada for over 60 years. They have developed a will to help while at the same time enjoying themselves. In doing so, they have become one of the largest service organizations in Canada. Serving your community and enjoying great fellowship could enrich your life. Why not contact your local club and start a wonderful relationship with others from your community. Join in to help make this area a better place to live.

The Kinette Club of Meaford was chartered in 1954. Since that time, the club has taken a very active role in the Meaford and surrounding area. With Government cutbacks, the service clubs are going to be counted on more and more to finance activities in the community. These activities are vital social and recreational events that must continue.

Here are some of this clubs most recent contributions to our area:-

Sponsoring a young Ladies Hockey Team,
Christmas party for the Mentally Challenged,
Handicapped picnic tables at Memorial Park,
Contributions to "Friends of the Library",
Blue Dolphin Swimming Pool, Skateboard Park, MAAA,
GBSS, Meaford Community School,
St. Vincent Euphrasia School, Grey Bruce Women's Centre,
Hot Dog Stands, Babysitting Course,
Contributions and participation in "Communities in Bloom",
Yuk Yuks Comedy Show and Dance,
Participation in Hockey Game for CF Hockey Team,
Annual Golf Tournament for Breast Cancer Research,
Worlds Finest Chocolates, Nevada,
Bingo, McMillans Muffins and Cookies,
Big Bike for Stroke, Regal, Watkins,
Chuckwagon at the Santa Claus Parade,
Halloween Dance, and Shopping Spree.
Our meetings are held at the
Kin Hall @ Memorial Park, Meaford,
on the first and third Wednesday of each month.
For more information please contact:
Dana Hawton @ 519-538-3985
Bonnie Bumstead @ 519-538-1389

Trip Down Memory Lane
Forty-six years ago in Meaford, on the shores or Georgian Bay,
The Kin wives thought the time had come for girls to have their say.

A club was formed and chartered, "Kinettes" would be our name,
And with a banner or mauve and gold, service work would be our game.

Parties at the Georgian School, Floats in Santa's Parade,
A figure skating carnival.. oh, those costumes that we made.

We've been on hand at Kin Kamp since it's start in '61,
Fixing up the playground, cleaning washrooms on the run!

The March of Dimes was started ('twas always winter's coldest night!)
Cooking schools and rummage sales, raising money with our might.

Meals on Wheels had its beginning in the spring of '73,
Delivered meals to all the shut-ins, they were thankful as can be.

Hot dog stands and bake sales, a food booth at the Fair,
At snowmobile races we helped our Kin, a hot lunch to prepare.

Initiation for new members was a lot of crazy fun,
Progressive dinners, pot luck suppers, Kin spirit is second to none.

We raffled hand made Barbie clothes, held fashion shows so fine,
In '71 we hosted Interclub, and again in '79.

Cystic Fibroses became our challenge, to find a cure was our belief,
The money raised from projects could bring a little child relief.

'Tho we were always busy, we did have time for play,
Fall Councils or Conventions on weekend holidays.

Held baby-sitting classes, on the bridge we planted flowers,
Bowling Leagues and curling nights helped fill our leisure hours.

We always helped our Kinsmen in many different ways,
Dinners for the New Year's Dance, tended bar at Western Days.

Sold daffodils for cancer, lunch for the Seniors' Tour,
We were always busy, of that you can be sure!!

We stopped the cars on Main Streetů A Toll we made them pay,
The money went to C.F., to find a cure someday.

So many faces have come and gone, and friendships formedů we won't forget,
In '85 some moved on, graduated to K-ettes.

Forty-six years have seen some changes, young Kinettes are growing old.
Our colours are now red and white, that once were mauve and gold.

Open members, change of zones, but one thing remains the same,
As we approach year forty-seven, service work is still our aim.