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In the Footsteps of John Muir
This Celebration of the life of John Muir's time in Meaford (1864-66) is an annual conservation event organized by the Canadian Friends of John Muir (CFJM). The celebration attracts local citizens and conservation enthusiasts from around the globe.

The CFJM uses experts in history, archeology, botany, ecology, glaciology and geology to interpret the unique features of Trout Hollow - the site of the sawmill where Muir lived and worked during his formative period (1864-66)

For more information, please visit the Canadian Friends of John Muir website!

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Canadian Friends of John Muir

Message of Goodwill From Muir's Birthplace - Dunbar
Dear Friends,

The organising committeee of the Dunbar Millennium Celebrations have asked Dunbar's John Muir Association to make e-mail contact with the Muir communities we are 'twinned' with. On behalf of DJMA and the Dunbar community it is my pleasure to honour our close mutual bonds with a simple, yet heartfelt, message of goodwill as the new Millennium approaches.

"The Community of Dunbar sends its very best wishes to the good citizens of Martinez, Meaford, and Haines for a prosperous new Millennium. May all your plans and aspirations to celebrate and honour John Muir bear fruit in the year 2000 and beyond. Muir's words and actions are as relevant today as they ever were and there can be no doubt that in the new millennium our Planet Earth needs the passion and commitment of communities like ours to carry the legacy of Muir into the 21st century. This message of goodwill will be incorporated into the Dunbar Millennium celebrations and will be read out just before the Lone Piper and the lighting of the Millennium Beacon. Dunbar's beacon will form part of the chain of beacons across the country joining communities throughout the whole of Scotland and symbolising the beginning of the New Millennium. Muir would no doubt have approved of fire being used to symbolise such a new beginning. He knew well that fire in his beloved Yosemite allowed for the regeneration of the forest. Let us all hope that the beacons in Scotland, and Dunbar in particular, symbolise a regeneration of Muir's ideals."

Since this message of goodwill is to be read out, it would be wonderful if there were some replies from any of our friends in Martinez, Meaford and Haines. Please feel free to circulate this message of goodwill as you see fit and encourage a response no matter how brief.

You might like to know that parts of the John Muir Exhibition that was hosted at the City Art Centre will be displayed in Dunbar from late April to late September 2000 and DJMA will be organising supporting events and activities.

John Muir has also been chosen as East Lothian's Man of the Millennium.

I would just like to finish on a personal note and wish all of you the very best for 2000. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you through our mutual admiration for Muir. I very much look forward to meeting those of you that have yet to come to Dunbar.

Warmest regards,

Duncan Smeed
Dunbar's John Muir Association
John Muir House, 126 High Street
Dunbar, EH42 1JJ Scotland

PS I'm using my personal e-mail address as the return address since my work e-mail, and consequently e-mail forwarded to it from, is out of action just now. So please use to reply. Thanks.

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