From the September 13, 2000 Edition

Georgian Highlands selected as new name
By Scott Woodhouse Express Staff

Welcome to Georgian Highlands.

After six months of beating around the bush, it didn't take long for the Transition Board to choose a name for the new municipality at its regular meeting last Tuesday.

Using a system proposed by Sydenham Reeve Deborah Young, the board members and their alternates each chose three names. The names were ranked three points for first choice, two points for second, and one point for third. The name garnering the most points would be selected as the municipalities new name.

After receiving more than 60 submissions from the public and two lengthy discussions at previous meetings, there was no debate or discussion on Tuesday night.

Each councillor filled out his ballot and clerks Jim Foster and Graham Shaw tallied the results.

The name Georgian Highlands received six first place votes for a total of 18 points.

Meaford was a close second with four first places votes and 12 points. Highland Hills came in third with three second place votes for six points. Georgian Shores received one first and one second place vote for five points, tied with Bayview which had two seconds and one third place vote. The names Trillium, Big Head Valley, and Georgian View, each received three points. Cape Rich and Bay Shore Highlands each received two points. And Georgian Bay Highlands, North Grey, and Queen's Bush, each received one point.

It was interesting to note, that by Wednesday, the internet domain name was already registered.