Meaford Ambulance Service

The Meaford Ambulance Service has four full time Paramedics, 10 part time staff and an Ambulance Manager. All are trained as Paramedic 1, meaning they are trained on semi automatic defibrillators, and administer some medications by mouth and by injection. The meds we give are Ventolin, for asthmatics, Glucagon injection and Glucagon paste for diabetics, Nitro and ASA for heart patients, Epinephrine, for allergic reactions [peanut butter, bee stings, etc.]. The Ambulance Service also participates in Georgian Bay Secondary School's cooperative training program. Two vehicles are available: a two stretcher vehicle and a single stretcher vehicle. These vehicles are equipped with many supplies for all sorts of Medical and Trauma Emergencies including the administration of Oxygen therapy.

please pull to the right hand side of the road and stop.
Phone numbers
September 1998 -   
9-1-1   service available