Fish & Wildlife Sanctuary
East Grey Hunters and Anglers Association
Meaford Ontario
The Orchard Creek Fish and Wildlife Sanctuary is located just outside of Meaford. It consists of 55 acres of club owned property along with hundreds of acres owned by members and neighbors. The creek is spring fed and about 8 miles long and recent bio-mass studies idendified both rainbow and brown trout in young of the year class and year olds.
Erosion control, lining the creek bed with gravel dredged from the Bighead River, and the installation of check dams over the past three years has helped to make the creek much better for spawning and nursery habitat.
Funding for these projects has come from the:
Sydenham Conservation Foundation
Community Fisheries Involvement Program
Bayfield Street Boat Launch
Royal City Fishing Club
East Grey Hunters and Anglers Association
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